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Shed for Balcony Available for Weather Protection all year around

Combined with large variety in vibrant designs and quality of quality Fabrics (from Dickson France to Sunsetter), our fixed sheds & awnings offer good protection from the sun, rain, wind etc.

These awnings are made to be permanent, so they have sturdy contstruction using steel piping or steel tubes. At the same time, they come in an array of rich colors, designer patterns, and custom-made size combinations to suit all needs.


Larger fixed awnings and Sheds require support structures. Thus, they can be used to cover an outdoor area at your shop or business, or as a cover on your balcony or garden to expand your home’s living space.

Smaller sheds and fixed awnings can be used to cover windows and doors

shade for Balcony

We Provide High Quality & Well Designed Balcony Sheds & Awnings

Features and Benefits of our Sheds & Awnings

  • Manufactured using Strong alloy aluminium, steel and polymer fabric make them very comfortable and high durability
  • Resistant to rust, water and sun’s rays, they provide protection in all weather conditions
  • Looks & feel of these structures is quite attractive and hence liked by almost all
  • Great Fabric designs are available, which provide a perfect combination of style and color
shade for balcony


Years of Experience

Why to Order Shed for Balcony from Nath Trading?

NT- Nath Trading has been the industry's standard for Sheds and Awnings, since the 1990s. We offer 5-year warranty on our motorized awnings.


What our clients saying?

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