Pergola with Retractable Roof

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What is a Retractable Pergola?

Beautifying the outdoor garden area with robust construction is involved in the manufacture of structure known as Pergola. Available in various sizes and styles, the pergolas are known for their advanced utility for home improvement services. At Nath Trading, we ensure that this shelter-like structure for garden or backyard blocks out UV rays and adds a layer of protection around you. Be it the piercing sunlight in the peak summer season, chilled atmosphere during winter or excessive rainfall in the monsoon, the pergola with retractable roof provides ultimate protection.

Besides, privacy, addition of plants to home and improving the aura of home can be experienced with the help of a retractable pergola. The retractable composition of these pergolas make them easy to clean, maintain and make the outdoor space usable. Moreover, the modern pergola with retractable roof can withstand adverse weather conditions and shield the home in an exclusive manner.

Pergola with Retractable Roof

We Provide High Quality & Well Designed Pergola with Retractable Roof

Applications of Pergola with Retractable Roof

  • Roof & Terrace Tops: Creating a Terrace or Rooftop space with a completely retractable Fabric Roof or Pergola has now become a breeze. The best part is that these retractable fabric roofs are 100% waterproof. These roofs are made of highly specialized outdoor materials that protect you and your home from direct sun, rain, storm, etc. It comes with unique tubular motors and remote control to automate the fully retractable roof.
  • Balconies: If you're planning to extend your balcony, reach out to a retractable pergola manufacturer! A retractable Pergola is ideal for multiple usages, including extended balconies. This is a perfect solution for all seasons, including rainy, winter, hot weather, etc. It lets you enjoy your days and evenings with family and friends all year long without any discomfort. Moreover, our Pergola with retractable roof and sides comes with built-in LED lighting.
  • Patios: Transform your patio into an entirely outdoor or enclosed place with our retractable Pergola. It is completely adjustable; you can close the roof when the weather is bad. It will prevent you from the sun, rain, glare, and dew. You can draw it back the moment weather is good and you can enjoy the winter sun. Also, it keeps heat out of the rooms, making them considerably more comfortable to be in.
  • Gardens: Our Freestanding Retractable Pergolas can be used to create covered space in your gardens and lawns that you can use as an outdoor leisure place. You can even create an open bar or enclosed dining space beneath our Retractable Pergola.
  • Entrnce Porch: More often than not, Entrance Porch or Driveway is a place where you can wait and occasionally just stand to observe the scenery. The blazing sun in the summer, the rain in the monsoons, and the cold in the winter make it a bit difficult for people. But, Retractable Pergola can help you create a beautiful porch where you can spend some time observing beautiful scenery.
  • Poolsides: Poolsides are wonderful places to have a good time after swimming. However, during summers, the scorching sun and its dangerous UV rays make it difficult for people to sit and relax there. Installing Pergola with Retractable Roof right next to your pool will keep the pool and poolside area safe from the sun's harmful UV rays and direct heat and will let you have a great time chit-chatting with your friends.
  • Cafes & Restaurants: Most diners prefer outdoor dining areas to dine with their loved ones, which is manageable during normal days. But in summers, monsoon, and extreme winter days, dining outdoors is not possible. The Pergoluxe solves all of these issues and provides a luxury outdoor dining space for your business.
  • Wall-surrounded Opening: Create a privacy wall with our retractable Pergola so that you can enjoy the outdoors as and when you want, irrespective of the weather condition. As one of the leading Retractable Pergola manufacturers in India, we offer the best quality retractable Pergolas that are supported by the walls, giving you a fully retractable fabric roof over your open space.
  • Over Glass Roofs: No doubt, glass roofs look classy; however, it's difficult to sit under the glass roof in summers as the sun's heat and glare are unbearable during the daytime. But Pergola with Retractable Roof can be used as over glass roofs. It provides complete shielding from the sun's heat and glare while also keeping the interiors cool and comfortable during the hot summer months.

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