Car Parking Shed

Car Parking Shed for Home, office and Commercial Property

Modern Designs and Extremely Durable Car Parking Shade Design

Car Parking Sheds are available in a variety of modular structures. Modules can be coupled together for single use or multiple car parking systems. They are eye catching, elegant and have strong support framework.

At Nath Trading, we can use high quality tensile fabrics or HDPE material for the roof, based on clients’ needs and budget.

With 20+ years of experience, Nath Trading is one of the pioneers among Car Parking Shed Suppliers with design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance of car parking shades. We offer different types of high-quality car parking shades for residential and commercial purposes all over in North India. We use only high-quality materials and fabrics that are made to perform longer and protect your vehicle from the sun rays. Our shades are built to last for 10- 15 years.

Here, are some different types of car parking shed designs which you can choose for your car parking:

  • Standard Curved design
  • Single pole umbrella-shaped
  • Wave shape shed
  • Cone type shed
  • Pyramid style shed
car parking shed design

We Provide High Strength, World‐Class Premium Quality Car Parking Shed

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