Poly Vinyl Fabric

Poly Vinyl Fabric

Poly vinyl fabric which is more popularly referred to as PVC fabric is used for a lot of purposes. PVC fabric varies in its appearance and rigidity which depends on the method of processing. The coated Vinly fabrics are more durable and elastic, thus they are used in the construction of awnings. Additionally, PVC fabric is heat and fire resistance, but not as durable as Acrylic.


  • PVC fabric comes in several colour and design patterns, which makes it easier to choose according to the requirements.
  • PVC fabric has a matte finish or shiny finish.
  • The surface of PVC fabric is slick & sketchy thereby making is quite durable and very easy to clean.

However, PVC fabrics are not as breathable as Acrylic ones, which can result in accumulation of warm air and reduced performance.

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Features and Benefits

  • Vibrant colour and designs
  • Huge variety of fabrics such as from translucent to blackout. Roller blinds can be customized to client’s needs.
  • Roller blinds are ideal for being used in hotels and other commercial places.

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