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Create wonderful outdoor spaces for cafes, restaurants & homes with Retractable Fabric Pergolas. Retractable Fabric Pergolas are the most modern and popular solution for creating outdoor spaces that can be used in any weather condition. These are built with the most up-to-date Design, Robust Aluminum Profiles, and Remote Controlled Operation. The fabric varies from a utilitarian PVC Coated Blackout Fabric to the most opulent appearing Outdoor Weather Proof Fabric, Dickson Expansion Area+ from France.

The Aluminum Louvre Pergola is the latest outdoor pergola design launched in the market. You can use them to extend an existing framework onto a Terrace, Balcony, or Patio with a sturdy Aluminum Structure and a Roof with Louvre Rotation to restrict sunlight and make it 100% waterproof during rainstorms. Engineers can now create outdoor spaces that are both sturdy and long-lasting thanks to the Louvre Roof system.

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benefits of using pergola

Benefits of using Pergola for Cafes & Restaurants

The ability to retract or rotate the roof: Our Smart Roof Pergolas can be used to create a weather-resistant rooftop that will protect you and your loved ones from harmful UV rays, scorching heat, and rain. Moreover, you can retract it with a swipe using a remote control and enjoy the weather outside as and when you want.

You can add Retractable Walls, a UPV Glass Door System, Air-Conditioning or Heat, or utilize a Mystifier to maintain the temperature under your Pergola suitable throughout the year.

We Provide Well Designed & High Strength Pergola for Cafes, Restaurants & Home

Louvre Pergola

Usage/Application: Outdoor

Material: Aluminum powder coated

Color: Many Colors are available to make choice of Powder Coating Colors

Shape: Flat

Dimension: Customized

Frame Finishing: PP Powder Coated

Country of Origin: Made in India

Key Features of Louvre Pergola

  • You can rotate the louvers to control light and sky vision depending on the time of day and enjoy accordingly.
  • 100% protection from the rain. All you have to do is to close the louvers, and that's all.
  • Control the amount of air that passes through the louvers.
  • Wall-mounted or freestanding alternatives
  • Integrated LED Lighting for evenings and nights.
  • Vertical Zip Screens can be added to the sides for sun, wind, and insect protection.

Retractable Pergola for Rooftop Cafes & Restaurants

Composition: Aluminum & Outdoor Fabric

Shape: Pyramid

Waterproof: Yes

Free Standing: Yes

Dimension: Any

Color: Custom

Many hotels and restaurants have Rooftops for outdoor dining, cafes, and bars to give their customers a unique dining experience. Our Retractable Pergolas are wonderful solutions to create an outdoor yet protected and comfortable rooftop dining area in a hotel or a restaurant.

We use the Best Outdoor Fabrics from Dickson Constant, France, to create a fully retractable roof that is 100% weather resistant. Aside from that, we also provide Vertical Skyshade that you can use to create sidewalls that can be kept open or closed as needed.

These rooftops can be kept open in good weather and closed in bad weather, such as heat, rains, and extreme cold. Aside from that, you can also use air-conditioning, misting, or heating to control the temperature of your retractable room.


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